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A Media Revolution

About Us

Adtel replaces the current ringtone with audio adverts that users subscribe to receive in exchange for rewards.

Billions of Plays

Adtel ads unlock 6-10 seconds of a users undivided attention while initiating a phone call. There is an astonishing amount of unlocked inventory available considering the statistics: across the world, we make 13.5 billion phone calls every day.

Every Call You Make Could Win You a Prize!

  • For every 1m subscribers there will be $450,000 of prizes
  • Random winner selection creates winners every day
  • Prizes include Smartphones, Cash and even cars
  • Winners receive a text with a link to the website to claim
  • The more users, the bigger the pot the more winners

Click Bots and Fake Traffic Cost Online Advertisers $35 Billion

The world of pay-per-click advertising depends on traffic to keep it running. But almost as long as there have been PPC ads, there have been bots to “click” them and game the system.

An open secret, this problem is much more widespread than many digital marketers might assume, with some estimates claiming fake users make up almost 40% of all web traffic.

Adtel audio adverts are only charged if the advert is played for 6 seconds otherwise it is free and there is no way for ad-fraud with all users listening to the ads whilst waiting for the other person to answer. You have their undivided attention and like Adwords you can use programmatic advertising and see the results in our admin area for all your campaigns.

Adtel Compared to Digital Media

More Than Double Google Search CTR

CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown, clicks / impressions = CTR

CPC Cheaper Than All

CPC represents the cost per click on the advert or link